Oranges - Facts about oranges

Fun Facts

There are many facts that people are unaware of about oranges. One of the most fascinating facts about oranges is that the bigger the naval in an orange the sweeter it will taste. Oranges contain a lot of juice and when eating an orange many consumers enjoy biting into a nice plump juicy orange slice. When looking for the pefect orange find one with a large naval.

A second intruiging orange fact would be about the orginin and history. The first orange seed was brought over by Chirstopher Colombus on his voyage to "The New World". This fact wouldn't be possible if he had never made the voyage and the we would not have the luxary of the orange. It is known that oranges first orginated from Southeast Asia in 4000BC.

An amusing thing about oranges is the fact that there is no other word in the human language that ryhmes with the word orange. You can try. Go ahead and try to prove this orange fact wrong. I bet you can't

The fourth item on the oranges facts list is that an orange is the only fruit named after a color. No other fruit is named after the main primary colors.

There are over 600 types of oranges. You can view our list of our favorite types of oranges. The tastiest orange, in our opinion, is the Honeybell Orange.

Sometimes oranges will turn green from a processes known as "re-greening". This occurs when the weather is too warm and the orange reabsorbs chlorophyll, or they remain unpicked on trees. This does not hinder the taste or nutrional value.

Nutrional Facts

The most important nutrional fact about oranges is that one orange can supply your body with enough vitamin c for an entire day. Oranges are filled with vitamin c which help fight out sickness, illness, cold, and help keep your immune system stong and healthy.

Oranges are also a great source of fiber, low on fat, helps reduce cholesterol in the blood, and are bountiful in antioxidents. The anitoxidents found in oranges help keep your skin looking fresh and young. The vitamin A found in oranges is a great source to eyeing a healthy eyesight. Vitman A is a known factor to obtaining a healthy eyesite. Overall, the vitamins found in oranges will keep you looking and feeling healthy.

Orange Snack Facts

Oranges are a great healthy low calorie snack. View their calories counts.

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